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Vehicle Application

Applications (A-Z)


  • Our handheld diffuser is perfect for disinfecting all vehicles – great marketing for ride hailing service drivers
  • It’s extremely portable and drivers can take it with them on the go/disinfect their car as needed (comes with USB car charger)
  • We recommend drivers disinfect their car after each ride/ before a new passenger enters and is exposed to pathogens
  • RTU is non- corrosive and has high residual pH (9.5) – safe for car interior, electronics, and audio system
  • Our solution kills pathogens on surfaces all over the vehicle such as car seats and in the air
  • Drivers/new passengers won’t experience any serious harmful effects after being exposed to solution (It’s a category 4 in toxicity)



  • Our RTU disinfectant can be used in our portable handheld spray bottle on the go (requires zero mixing)
  • Will take 1-2 minutes to disinfect/spray the whole car – ideally should wait 5-10 minutes to allow solution to kill pathogens