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University/Schools Application

Applications (A-Z)


  • A robust disinfection program is essential to mitigate liability and give staff, students, and parents peace of mind to feel safe and protected
  • Viruses and diseases spread easily on campuses due to high concentrations of people in one given area
  • Many parents/employees/professors/coaches are at a vulnerable age and will welcome the higher safety protocols
  • Standards will continue to evolve to create a safer working environment for staff and students
  • Every area of campus needs to be addressed – student housing, sports facilities, equipment, classrooms, eating areas, libraries, and much more should be disinfected
  • ZG can offer the most cost-effective alternative to disinfect against viruses and other pathogens in all areas of Universities



  • Student housing, equipment, eating areas/cafeterias, libraries, gyms, restrooms, door handles, offices, theatres, elevators, curtains, chairs, common areas, receptions, and much more should be disinfected routinely with our products
  • Classrooms/lecture halls: In between lectures classes should be fogged and disinfected with our products to mitigate the passing of pathogens to the next group of students
  • Receptions/desks can be disinfected with the handheld or ULV fogger as required
  • Passages and general offices can be lightly misted hourly or as often as needed
  • Any area on campus with lots of foot traffic should be routinely disinfected using our products