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Senior Housing Application

Applications (A-Z)

Why use our sanitizing solutions for seniors housing?

  • Seniors/elderly people are most at risk by being exposed to pathogens
  • Real need to prevent viral and bacterial infections – drug resistant organisms -bedsores
  • Viruses and diseases spread easily in retirement homes due to high concentrations of people in one given area and low immunity
  • Chemical cost of daily fogging of rooms < $100 per month per resident
  • Hardware packages cost of $350 -$500 per 30 beds


How do our products help create safe spaces for seniors?

  • Our products can be used to disinfect all over retirement homes: Equipment, eating areas/cafeterias, rooms/living quarters, libraries, gyms, restrooms, door handles, offices, elevators, curtains, chairs, common areas, receptions, pool/sitting areas, tennis/pickle ball courts, game rooms, and much more should be disinfected routinely with our products – other home medical equipment
  • Passages and general offices can be lightly misted hourly or as often as needed