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Disinfection has traditionally been achieved by wiping down non-porous surfaces. The SARS-Cov-2 virus, which causes Covid-19 disease, is transmitted primarily by inhalation (airborne) or from touching contaminated surfaces and then transferring the virus to your face and eyes.

The Coronavirus is 1 micron in size and various studies have shown that the single stranded RNA, enveloped virus can survive for up to 72 hours on certain surfaces. Under electron microscopy the virus looks like a crown and hence the name ‘corona’.

Latest studies indicate that the virus acts as an “aerosol’ and can remain airborne for up to 10 minutes and hence the refocus on wearing face masks. With its small size, not only can it permeate crevices and fabrics, but it will land on surfaces way after people leave a room, exit a car or patrons vacate a restaurant table. Immediate wiping down may therefore not be effective.

The advantages of using Zappogen airborne disinfectants with low micron mist or droplets (via specialized diffusers or foggers) are the following

  • Can attack the virus in the air, on all types of surfaces, and on the floor
  • Works on non-porous and porous surfaces (fabric, carpets, curtains, golf bags, backpacks)
  • Fast and efficient to deploy over small and large areas evenly (labor savings)
  • Quick turnaround time of areas: 5-10 minutes
  • Small micron size will get to all of the nooks and crannies seldom reached by wiping

Zappogen empowers people to offer the Gold Standard of disinfection for their loved ones, staff, and customers.

History of Chemical Solution

Our chemical is adapted from a military disinfection technology that was originally developed by Sandia National Labs in New Mexico.

Today, the formula is also being used by the City of San Diego for its police, fire, and parks departments. Our chemicals offer Green, Biodegradable Disinfection from 99.99% effectivity that’s safe and economical for all applications.

Our chemical solution is approved for List N

About Disinfection

- The Environmental Protection Agency is part of the United States Federal Government and provides regulation and oversight for issues of environmental impact.

- EPA Registration is a process where the US Government, through the Environmental Protection Agency, confirms that the efficacy claims, use, handling, safety and disposal instructions on disinfectant products are accurate and have been confirmed by independent, third party testing

Yes, SpectraKill® RTU is Registered for use by the EPA. The product’s Registration Number is 90748-1

A pathogen is an infectious agent or a germ that causes disease. It can be a virus, bacteria, parasite or fungus. The study of these micro-organisms is called micro-biology.

Microbiologists use a logarithmic scale when measuring a reduction of contamination by microorganisms. Log reduction stands for a 10-fold (or one decimal point) reduction in pathogens, meaning the disinfectant reduces the number of live pathogens by 90 percent for every step.

99.9% = 3 log kill
99.99 % = 4 log kill
99.999% = 5 log kill
99.9999% = 6 log kill
99.99999% = 7 log kill

To help ensure the safe use and disposal of disinfection products, the EPA requires all Disinfectants to go through toxicity testing to determine any possible ill effects on humans and identify precautions that may need to be taken.

The four toxicity categories, from one to four are:

- Category I is Highly toxic and Severely irritating,
- Category II is Moderately toxic and Moderately irritating,
- Category III is Slightly toxic and Slightly irritating,
- Category IV is Practically non-toxic and not an irritant.

SpectraKill® RTU has 5 of 6 Toxicity area of evaluation at CAT IV (practically non-toxic) and one area as CAT III, slightly irritating because of the Hydrogen Peroxide.

GLP or Good Laboratory Practice is a quality system of controls to ensure safety, consistency, high quality, and reliability of chemicals research studies. GLP is also used by the FDA.

EPA List N refers to products on this list that meet EPA’s criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

Our chemical solution has been approved for the N List.

Yes. SpectraKill® RTU successfully passed GLP testing against Human Coronavirus in 2020 and that testing has been submitted to EPA to update the RTU Registration. Excerpt from Microchem Lab Report: GLP 2348 – Page 16 Conclusion

“SpectraKill RTU (Lots: 5062020-RD1 and 5062020-RD2) met the U.S. EPA Product Performance Guidelines for Disinfectants for Use on Hard Surfaces Outlined in U.S. EPA OCSPP 810.2200 and the success criteria detailed in the approved protocol when tested against Human coronavirus Strain 229E ATCC VR-740, with no additional soil load incorporated into virus inoculum (virus propagated with 2% FBS), and contact time of 10 minutes.”

SpectraKill® RTU is a broad-spectrum disinfectant that kills a variety of bacteria, viruses and mold including: Staphylococcus Aureus, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Salmonella Enterica, E. Coli, Listeria, Trichophyton Mentagrophytes, Coronavirus, Norovirus, Rhinovirus, and H1N1.

Third party, GLP testing data with signed EPA certification is available on the SpectraKill® .com website.

Safety Features

Yes, SpectraKill® RTU has been certified Green by the Green Cleaning Institute.

SpectraKill® RTU dries into inert biodegradable elements (water and oxygen), making it environmentally friendly.

No. SpectraKill® RTU is a low corrosion formula. Residual pH is 9.2

No. SpectraKill® has a scent described as odorless.

When used as directed, yes. SpectraKill® RTU is safe for pets and children.  Toxicity testing determined SpectraKill® to be Category IV “practically non-toxic” in 5 of 6 tests and only “slightly toxic” in the final test. [During fogging, pet food (taste) and tropical fish (pH change) should be covered]

SpectraKill® RTU does not contain any bleach, phenols, chlorine or VOC’s (volatile organic compounds).

During disinfection, gloves and a mask are recommended for good hygiene practice. For sustained heavy fogging   we do recommend eye protection, gloves and a mask.  [Follow all use instructions on the label]

About SpectraKill® RTU

SpectraShield Technologies, along with its partner, Crown Laboratories of Indiana, initiated a development effort to create a ready to use disinfectant (RTU) that would have a lower toxicity profile but still offer a broad spectrum kill.

The result of this development effort is a proprietary disinfectant known as SpectraKill® RTU.

The SpectraKill® RTU is a proprietary formula of SpectraShield Technologies LLC

SpectraShield has an equity partnership with Crown Technologies, an ISO 9001:2015 facility, who is our primary manufacturer along with a few select chemical manufacturers in the Unites States with whom we have blending agreements.

SpectraKill® RTU has two active ingredients: Hydrogen Peroxide and ADBAC. 

SpectraKill® cleaves the spore wall through oxidation, which occurs because of an absence of electrons in SpectraKill®. By stripping the organism of electrons, it neutralizes the mycotoxin inside.

Surfactant (soap) weakens the single strand RNA corona virus wall allowing hydrogen peroxide to enter the cell, which stops reproduction (mitochondria) and kills the virus.

The two active ingredients (Hydrogen Peroxide and ADBAC) create a dual kill capability tailored to destroy the target microorganism.   Our proprietary formula has stabilized our Hydrogen Peroxide for a long shelf life. 

SpectraKill® unique properties are not found in other commonly used disinfectants. While other disinfectants perform well in controlled laboratory environments, SpectraKill® outperforms the competition in real-world applications and delivers results.

There is no mixing.  SpectraKill® RTU is ready to use straight from the container.

One Year

No special storage is required. [Avoid extreme temperatures]

No - the chemical is safe.

No, SpectraKill® doesn’t require any transportation placards.

Various Applications

Yes. SpectraKill® can be used to wipe non-porous surfaces. By adjusting the Li battery hand-held electronic diffuser nozzle or using a regular spray bottle, surfaces can be wet and wiped with a microfiber rag.

Fogging is generally considered a superior disinfection method for the following reasons;

- Fogging disinfects in all areas: in air and on surfaces/floor
- More consistent surface coverage with a longer dwell time
- Fine mist (7-50 microns) that can start working as an aerosol and can permeate into small crevices
- Wiping is not effective on porous surfaces – fabric, carpets, curtains, backpacks or in the air
- Wiping is more subject to human error: Some spots get neglected
- More cost effective with reduced down time – sprayers can reach 6-8 foot
- Mist air dries quickly and biodegrades into water and oxygen 

Depending on the type of diffuser or mechanical applicator used and the openness of the area to be disinfected, one gallon of chemical can cover between 3,500 to 7,000 square feet.

Examination room of approximately 180 square feet - ~ 6 minutes to spray and air dry @ 0 .45 cents
Ride Hail Vehicle of 110 square feet - ~5 minutes to spray and air dry @ 0.28 cents
Private Senior Residence Room of 600 square feet - ~10 minutes to spray and air dry @ $2.40
Board Room of 1,500 square feet - ~ 12 minutes to spray and air dry @ $4.00
Offices of 10,000 square feet - ~90 minutes to spray and air dry @ $25.00
Golf Cart of 70 square feet - ~4 minutes to spray and air dry @ 0.23 cents

Zappogen’s price equates to 0.14 cents per fluid ounce (ex FOB)

One gallon can easily cover a 3,500 square foot single family home. How many containers of wipes would it take to cover a 3,500 square foot home, how long, and at what cost?  

Apples to Apples, SpectraKill® can be 40% less expensive than competitors BUT with the added benefits of environmental and human safety.

EPA Registered - broad spectrum disinfection, specifically tested against Human Coronavirus.

Practically non-toxic – Cat IV Green Certified Product

Airborne advantage - small micron size helps with comprehensive coverage, porous surfaces and crevices

Favorable Pricing – saving on labor and chemical costs

Made in the USA

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