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Office/Business Application

Applications (A-Z)


  • Standards will continue to evolve to create a safer working environment for staff and customers
  • Many employees/customers are at a vulnerable age and will welcome the higher safety protocols
  • Every area needs to be addressed – offices, boardrooms, reception areas, seating areas, and restrooms
  • A robust disinfection program is essential to mitigate liability and give staff, members and guests peace of mind to feel safe and protected
  • Easy to implement: Our products can be incorporated into cleaning staff’s routines to get started quickly without any training needed
  • Total hardware cost can be as low as $100
  • Chemical costs are approximately ¼ of a cent per sq ft
  • Partnering with Zappogen gives offices/businesses a quick and easy, all-encompassing solution to make members / staff feel safe again



  • Boardrooms: After each use, meeting rooms can be quickly ‘fogged’ disinfecting airborne pathogens, surface pathogens, and nooks and crannies not reached by other standard methods
  • Offices, restrooms, printing areas, kitchens (high touch areas) – daily or as required
  • Reception areas/elevators/stairs/kitchens (high foot traffic areas especially carpeted areas) – Daily or as needed with handheld diffuser