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Home Application

Applications (A-Z)


  • Real estate brokers can reassure their clients before showings that the home has been properly disinfected and it is safe to walk through
  • When a house is sold it should be disinfected before the new owners move in
  • Air Bnb hosts can reassure their guests that they have disinfected their property with Zappogen products so they are safe to stay there- don’t need to wait 24 hours
  • Hosts can disinfect the home after guests have left so they/other guests are also safe to re-enter
  • The cost of disinfection can be built into the added cleaning service fee by hosts
  • Estimated chemical cost for a 3 500 sq ft rental home is < $10
  • This will give guests and hosts peace of mind that the proper precautions are being taken



  • After bringing groceries home food in closed packaging can be disinfected using our products
  • In addition packages can be disinfected upon arrival/before entering the house
  • Cars can be disinfected using our handheld diffusers
  • All over the home can be disinfected using our products: rooms, restrooms, tables, door handles, faucets, couches, chairs, kitchen, sitting areas, garage, pool area, and much more
  • Open houses can be disinfected before and after