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Healthcare Application

Applications (A-Z)


  • Healthcare offices, hospitals, surgery centers, and clinics are high risk for transmission
  • There’s also a double edged sword in that patients are at a serious risk if they contract other pathogens and get even more sick than they already are
  • Doctors and staff are also at high risk by being in close proximity to patients
  • Our solutions can help healthcare professionals to improve their turnover rate and see more patients as a result of disinfecting more efficiently/effectively
  • Our products are useful for all medical professional disciplines
  • Non- corrosive high residual pH (9.5) – safe for computers, electronics, instruments
  • Deodorizer effect leaves a pleasant odor (no bleach/ ammonia smell)



  • Exam rooms and procedure rooms should be disinfected after each patient visit
  • Examination Rooms: After each patient visit our small handheld diffuser can be used to disinfect the entire room and make it pathogen free within minutes
  • Receptions can be disinfected as required (the more frequent the better)
  • Passages and general offices can be lightly misted hourly or as needed
  • Disinfectant can be used in handheld regular spray bottle with cloth