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College/Professional Sports Application

Applications (A-Z)


  • All gym equipment should be disinfected often due to high level of foot traffic and people leaving/entering often
  • Non- corrosive high residual pH (9.5) – safe for sports equipment/grass/turf
  • Zappogen helps stadiums and franchises to reopen sports events/practices safely while taking the proper precautions



  • Sports facilities should be disinfected before and after usage and in between games/events (Ex. Gymnasium, football field, locker rooms, sideline, benches, dugout, etc.)
  • All sports equipment should be sprayed after use (Ex. Helmets, balls, pads, weights, etc.)
  • Stadiums/stands should be disinfected before/after usage and prior to new people entering
  • Passages, restrooms, and general offices can be lightly misted hourly or as needed