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Casino Application

Applications (A-Z)


  • Due to the high concentration of people in casinos and surface touching, casinos are very pathogen heavy places
  • Our solution is the only one that can disinfect everywhere in the casino: due to low toxicity and small micron size, nooks and crannies can be reached (ex. All around levers on slot machines/door handles)
  • Non- corrosive high residual pH (9.5) – safe for computers, electronics, instruments
  • Deodorizer effect leaves a pleasant odor (no bleach/ ammonia smell)
  • We offer Casinos a one stop all encompassing disinfection solution against Corona Virus and other pathogens that is the most effective, cheap, and easy to implement



  • Existing cleaning crew can incorporate our products into their usual routines with no training needed
  • Every inch of casino can be disinfected periodically with our products - roulette, craps, blackjack, poker, restrooms, bars, food and beverage, and slots
  • Our small handheld diffusers can be used to disinfect while guests are still present before a new person sits down to play
  • Shuttle Service: Shuttles can be sprayed after each ride to mitigate transfer of pathogens