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Zappogen—Sanitizing Solution


  • All-in-one, hospital grade disinfection solution that allows clubs to safely and effectively disinfect large areas in just minutes, successfully reaching areas that traditional wipes can’t cover
  • This eco-friendly system uses electrostatic sprayers and diffusers along with an EPA-approved, green-certified disinfectant to successfully eliminate 99.99% of airborne and surface-level germs, including COVID-19 along with other harmful viruses, bacteria and more than 40 other pathogens
  • Able to effectively sanitize golf carts, clubhouses, locker rooms, clubs, bags, driving range facilities and dining areas
  • Available in three distinct diffuser options: the Portable ULV Cold Fogger Sprayer, the ULV Cold Fogger Sprayer and a handheld diffuser
  • Sprayers have a 10-foot spray range and require no training or set up at a cost that’s 30 percent less than industry competitors such as Clorox 360
  • Currently utilized by several golf courses including The Crosby Club, Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club, Welk Resorts San Diego and The Farms Golf Club
  • Products can be purchased individually, in packages or in bulk orders
  • Starter packages include a handheld diffuser, a gallon of disinfectant and a funnel that can be purchased for $130